Going to pin this post (if it lets me) so that folks can more easily find the links. You can access the BBS by using your telnet client and visiting telnet://bbs.dzqump.wcbzw.com or telnet://shadowscope.noip.us

If you want an EASY way to get to it from your web browser you can access it from this blog or by going to http://shadowscope.noip.us/ or 网络加速器加速软件

Plenty of games (200+) both locally hosted and networked. Local and networked Message areas, news groups, awesome old-school Ansi featuring Luciano Ayres artwork and MORE. With a bent toward the supernatural and horror.


腾云架物,5G为数字化加速-国际在线 - CRI:2021-12-6 · 此外,软通动力众智能终端软件研发为核心,提供硬件驱动、操作系统定制、系统测试、设备连接、云端服务等端到端服务能力,助力制造企业智能化建设及数字化转型升级。 随着5G元年正式来临,世界加速进入网络化、数字化、智能化时伕。

Due to the severe weather that’s supposed to move through this evening and into overnight I will be taking down the BBS and any other internal servers for the evening. Depending on when the storm moves through it may be tomorrow evening before I come back online (Have to leave for work around 6ish.)

The website here will stay up as the server is located across the country but the BBS, home automation server and media servers will be inaccessible.

IBM将使用PowerAI加速企业人工智能的试行和采用 ...:2021-11-21 · 新的PowerAI软件工具包和服务器是一个具有紧密联系的整体解决方案,允许企业使用高性能解决方案快速进入AI和ML。 IBM的PowerAI硬件和软件加速了AlexNet和Caffe的工作负载,该公司表示“用于同样解决方案,使用IBM power速度超过了使用x86速度 ...

The BBS and Mailer will be down for just a little bit while I make a backup and upgrade to the latest alpha version of Mystic A45. Shouldn’t take long as it’s just a straight xcopy to another PC where I sync everything to a dropbox folder.

Maskreet over at Throwbackbbs.com has this pretty good write-up that’s been up at least a couple of years. I needed it earlier this week and his site was temporarily down so I’ve decided to mirror it here. Everything below is courtesy of him:

Written by maskreet 12/3/2014
(updated 1/19/2018; newest DOSBox SVN)

First of all, if you don’t already have it, install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1. DOSBox requires this to run.

Standalone installer here

As of this writing, the latest stable release of DOSBox (v0.74) has a broken socket inheritance, so you’re going to be grabbing an SVN release. I used EmuCR from


but you can use whichever you like, as long as socket inheritance is fixed in that version.

(**NOTE** Most of the links to download that particular flavor and version are fake adware pushers, so here’s the real thing if you don’t want to take your chances: link)

Next you’ll be grabbing a Fossil driver. x00 or BNU will work, since they seem to be the easiest to load and use. I personally use BNU, but again, whichever you prefer. x00 v1.53 and BNU v1.70 are the last, stable releases. BNU can be found at http://pcmicro.com/bnu/, while x00 can be found with a Google search (local BNU file here, local X00 file here)

Now you’re going to need DoorWay to Unlimited Doors (hereafter called DoorWay). The latest version is on the pcmicro.com website, but doesn’t seem to have it listed on the main page. Either do a Google search for it, or head to http://pcmicro.com/doorway/download.html and download it from there. It’s shareware, so it’s limited to 10 minutes per use. I’d *highly* suggest registering (local DoorWay file here).

Now grab your games. I used 哪款网络加速器好用 but any site that has them works. Keep in mind that you’re going to be limited to text and ANSI colors, and the games can’t be running in full-screen. A list of games I found that worked are:

The Adventures of Alice Who Went Through the Looking-Glass and Came Back Though Not Much Changed
A Mind Forever Voyaging
Amulet of Yendor
James Bond 007 – Goldfinger
James Bond 007 – A View to a Kill
Forbidden Castle
The Hermit’s Secret
McMurphy’s Mansion
Leather Goddesses of Phobos
Stephen King’s The Mist
Voodoo Island
The Wizard’s Castle
Zork 1
Zork 2
Zork 3

This isn’t a complete list at all, just the ones I grabbed and ran.

Create a directory for whichever games you downloaded; I used C:\GAMES. Each game to its own directory inside the GAMES directory. Don’t worry about directory naming conventions (8 characters or less), since DOSBox will be mounting each game to its own root directory when fired up. Now create a directory named !U_GAMES in your GAMES directory.

Before getting too involved with the rest of this how-to, run each game to make sure it works. It HAS to be in a window, and can’t have anything other than text and ANSI graphics.

Create a directory somewhere on your hard drive for both DoorWay and DOSBox. I used C:\DOORWAY and C:\DOSBOX for mine. Also, create a directory in your DOORWAY directory named CFG. Uncompress them into their respective directories. Uncompress BNU into a temp directory, and just move BNU.COM over to your DoorWay directory.

Now, to the DOSBox config. I’m using Windows XP for my BBS, so DOSBox will create the default config file in:

C:\Documents and Settings\<account name>\Local Settings\Application Data\DOSBox\dosbox-SVN.conf

but you can see where it creates it on any version of Windows you run just by running DOSBox for the first time and looking at the DOSBox status window.

Once it’s created, head to that directory and open it up. Go through the entire config and turn off anything that you won’t be using. That includes all sound emulation, joystick, mouse, etc.

When you get near the bottom, you’ll see a section named [serial]. Make sure serial 2, 3 and 4 are set to disabled. for serial 1, set it like this:

serial1=nullmodem inhsocket:1 telnet:1

and close the config, saving your changes.

Easy so far, right?

Here we’re going to create the batch file. Create a new one in your DoorWay directory. I named mine DOOR.BAT, but you can name it whatever you like. Mine is a bit clunky, but it works. If you can polish yours to be more streamlined, go for it. If your setup so far is exactly like mine, you’ll need to put this in it:

@echo off

IF EXIST C:\games\!u_games\%4\%1\NUL GOTO EXISTS
IF NOT EXIST c:\games\!u_games\%4\NUL GOTO NOUSERDIR
IF NOT EXIST c:\games\!u_games\%4\%1\NUL GOTO NOGAMEDIR

MD %4

MD %1
xcopy c:\games\%1\*.* c:\games\!u_games\%4\%1 /e /y /i



echo /CD>CFG\%1.cfg
echo /H:>>CFG\%1.cfg
REM echo /D:>>CFG\%1.cfg
REM echo /G:ON>>CFG\%1.cfg
echo /O:T>>CFG\%1.cfg
echo /S:f:\>>CFG\%1.cfg
echo /V:D>>CFG\%1.cfg
echo /K:180>>CFG\%1.cfg
echo /RB>>CFG\%1.cfg

if %1==ADVENT goto ADVENT

echo /P:d:\advent.exe>>CFG\%1.cfg
echo /B:M>>CFG\%1.cfg

dosbox.exe -c “mount d c:\games\!u_games\%4\%1” -c “mount e c:\doorway” -c “mount f c:\mystic\temp%3” -c “e:” -c “bnu /f” -c “DOORWAY.EXE SYSF CFG\%1.cfg” -c “exit” -securemode -socket %2

REM %1 = config file / directory name
REM %2 = socket
REM %3 = node number
REM %4 = user’s number

The batch first checks if each user’s custom directory exists based on their BBS user number. If it doesn’t, it creates it. It moves on to the next step, which is to see if the game they’re calling from the BBS exists in their user number directory. It creates that as well if it doesn’t exist, then xcopies the source game to their personal directory. Then it creates a custom CFG file in the CFG directory for DoorWay to use, based on the game name passed from the BBS menu. After that, it looks to see which game is being called, adds the last two CFG lines (which I’ll discuss a bit later), and finally starts DOSBox. DOSBox fires up, creates the mounted directories inside it, starts the Fossil driver, starts DoorWay, and runs the game. After quitting the game, either through user interaction, BBS disconnect or a 3 minute timeout, it passes control back to the BBS.

The DOSBox command line is:

-cTells DOSBox that you want to pass a command; preface any command you want with a -c and enclose in quotes
-c “mount d c:\games\!u_games\%4\%1”Tells DOSBox to mount the user’s game directory as the D: drive in DOSBox
-c “mount e c:\doorway”Tells DOSBox to mount the DoorWay directory as the E: drive in DOSBOx
-c “mount f c:\mystic\temp%3”Tells DOSBox to mount Mystic’s temp<node> directory as the F: drive; needed by DoorWay for DOOR.SYS
-c “e:”浪潮人工智能, 浪潮AI, 浪潮FPGA加速方案:2021-10-14 · 与CPU软件方案相比,在文本上面压缩上与其接近,在日志文件压缩上与其差距不大,但性能提升了10-20倍。现在最快的SSD数据写入速度大约在1GB每秒左右,浪潮FPGA加速方案可众实现实时压缩和存储。 图片转码FPGA加速
-c “bnu /f”Loads BNU Fossil driver inside DOSBox with the default configuration
-c “DOORWAY.EXE SYSF CFG\%1.cfg”Starts DoorWay with the custom config file in the CFG directory
-c “exit”Passes an EXIT command to DOSBox (used as one of the ways to close DOSBox; /RB commandline parameter for DoorWay is another in the DoorWay config file)
-securemodeTells DOSBox to not allow any additional setting or messing with the intial drive mountings in DOSBox
-socket %2Tells DOSBox you want to pass the socket to it from the BBS; %2 is the batch files’ interpretation of the socket passed from the BBS command

The DoorWay commands are:

/CD苹果网络加速器欧美BF3/星球大战/龙之谷/洛奇/ - 海峡社区 ...:2021-6-2 · 苹果网络加速器欧美BF3/星球大战/龙之谷/洛奇/韩服剑灵/C9/永恒/台服圣境传说专线【苹果网络加速器】 Q:879653517每天发放100 ...
/H:青年之声-橙子答:家里的网络不稳定,可能是什么原因 ...:2021-9-12 · 提问人: baby 最近家里的网络不稳定,我想问一下是什么原因? 回复人: 青年之声-橙子 1. 多台电脑共享上网,可能共享网络中的电脑有中arp病毒; 2.您使用网络音乐播放器播放歌曲,因为要获取歌曲的一些详细信息和歌曲播放频率,会占用15%~23 ...
/D:戴尔数据库加速:让用户体验“飞”起来-焦点新闻-齐鲁晚报网:2021-5-24 · “大加速”方案是一套软硬结合的一体化方案,包含软件定义存储组件和相关硬件、数据库服务器、操作系统和数据库等组件。 “中加速”方案的主角是全闪存阵列,戴尔通过丰富的全闪存阵列产品,包括SC4000、SC7000、SC8000、SC9000等系列,结合“流动数据架构”和自动数据分层等技术来提升性能。
/G:ONANSI graphics mode. Seems to work without this.
免费网络加速器排行榜Skips the default “DOORWAY TO UNLIMITED DOORS” full screen loading message
/S:f:\Points DoorWay to where your BBS DOOR.SYS is located; in the DOSBox command line, this will be drive F:
哪款网络加速器好用Direct video writes
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The four lines in your Adventure! example are:

网络加速器加速软件The target label called by “if %1==ADVENT GOTO ADVENT” earlier in the batch file. HAS TO MATCH THE SOURCE GAME DIRECTORY!
/P:d:\<game executable>/P: is the command that tells DoorWay what needs to be run when invoked. d:\<game executable> is the name of the game that it runs. IT MUST BE A .COM OR .EXE FILE! Batch files won’t work with this setup.
/B:M/B: deals with the bottom line of the game. M will move the characters to the line above (line 24). Some games can be configged to whichever amount of lines you like, which means you’d be able to remove this from that particular game. Others don’t and require it. It’s up to you to figure out which is needed.
好用网络加速器软件业将加速赋能制造业-IT频道-国际在线:2021-1-4 · 2021年,众数字经济为伕表的新经济将成为发展新动能。随着我国新旧动能加快转换,也为软件产业发展创造了良好的外部环境。云计算、大数据、人工智能等新一伕信息技术将加速渗透经济和社会生活各个领域,软件产业服务化、平台化、融合化趋势更加明显

Now that that’s all setup, we’ll be creating the Mystic menu commands to run the games.

I have mine setup where going to the DOORS menu from the MAIN menu gives a listing of games in categories. I have one for InterBBS games, one for card games, one for single-player games, one for these DOS games, etc. It doesn’t really matter where they’re accessible, just that they’re accessible. No fun playing them by yourself, right? =)

Create a new menu for your game. Configure it however you like when presented to the user. For the commands, basic setup looks like this:

(GD) Display a files50c:\games\advent\help_advent.txt (OPTIONAL – create and display if the game has something that the user might need to know)
(NA) Set node actions50Playing Adventure! (OPTIONAL – sets the Who’s Online listing with what they’re doing)
(DG) Exec doors50c:\doorway\door.bat ADVENT %0 %3 %# (The text after door.bat MUST have those four commands in that exact order!)
迷信加速包不如尝试候补购票_评论频道_中国青年网 - Youth.cn:2021-1-7 · 部分抢票默认包含加速包。图片来源:网络图 ) 岁末年终,每一个异乡人心中都在倒计时:收拾行囊,回家过年。而伴随春运抢票大战进入“白热化”,不少热门线路火车票“秒光”后,焦急的旅客多寄希望于五花八门的抢票神器、加速包。s50|CR|CR|PA (OPTIONAL – two carriage returns, pauses after the game quits back to the BBS)

The help text files should look similar to this:

Use the spacebar to advance past the PAUSE prompts in game

For the DG command:

It creates a DOOR.SYS file that DoorWay needs to read to set time limits and ANSI settings (time limits only in registered version, otherwise 10 minute limit each time)

ADVENT is the name of the game. IT HAS TO MATCH THE NAME OF THE BASE GAME DIRECTORY YOU CREATE AND GOTO LABEL IN THE DOOR.BAT FILE! Make sure all three are the EXACT same, or it won’t work.

%0 is the socket handle that’s passed to DOSBox

%3 is the node the user is currently on; used to tell DOSBox where to mount one of the drives for the DOOR.SYS file to be read by DoorWay

%# is the user number, used to create the user directory and/or pass the info to DOSBox to mount one of the drives.

Now that everything’s setup, test it out. If it works, great! Easiest way to create new menu entires is to copy/paste, and edit a couple relevant things. Be sure each menu entry command has the directory and NAME changed to whichever game it is; everything else on the DG command line can, and should be left the same.

If it doesn’t work, then make sure the game name as your game directory, labels in the DOOR.BAT file and menu command are all the same. Also, look for any typos anywhere.

Any comments or questions can be directed at sysop@throwbackbbs.com, or in an email on the BBS.

Added a bunch of lit packs today as well as several hundred old BBS mods and art packs. Still need to separate the art packs into different sections at some point. Also have added email validation. Expect that the next time you log in. If you don’t have a valid email address, update it from the personal settings menu or shoot me a message and I will do it.

Here are some example screenshots of menus on the board.

Just an ad for the board
Main Menu
Last few calls
Door games menu
借力京津 河北软件产业加速跑_河北新闻网 - hebnews.cn:2021-7-3 · 软件作为战略性、基础性、先导性产业,派生出了互联网、大数据、云计算、人工智能等,是创新发展的加速器 ,是推动经济社会高质量发展的重要保障。6月28日至30日,众“融合网络世界 驱动数字未来”为主题的2021第二十三届中国国际软件 ...
Example file listing
Message Menu
Current network switcher
Example message from one of the Fidonet echoes.

Thanks mostly to Luciano Ayres at http://www.ansigarden.com/ for the awesome menus. There’s no way I could have such a good looking BBS without them. I am OK at Ansi/Ascii and can edit existing stuff but my work pales in comparison to most of the great artists out there.

Apparently I missed it. Shows how much I care 🙂

At some point in October or November of 1999 I converted over from a BBS to a web site. Ran it using a dynamic dns url for about a year and purchased dzqump.wcbzw.com in December of 1999 (I think)

My first couple of months were hand coded entries and at the time I mainly posted about BBS news and Windows customization. Unfortunately since I was handcoding I would just delete the old ones and post over the top so the oldest stuff I have online is from 好用网络加速器. I managed to recover those from the Wayback machine a few years ago and insert into my blog.

I’ve met some awesome people over the last 30 years of being online through BBSing and blogging so here’s to another couple of decades!

Wow. 2024. Looks like I haven’t posted since 2017. Time flies right?

Anyway, you can access still access the BBS from the menu links above by choosing the ftelnet option. I have also got a small applet hosted at shadowscope.noip.us, as Mystic now has a builtin web server.

I am in the process of adding SSH, SMTP and POP3 to the BBS. The POP3 support is only currently for local BBS mail for the time being. I have not yet tested out SSH to see how ansi support is. Only SSH client I have ever used is puTTY and I have no idea how that will look.

I can’t find very much information about the html support that was added to Mystic so not yet sure what I will be able to do. One of the very few things I miss from Synchronet (and EleBBS before that) is being able to get to my netmail and echomail from the web. I work so much and spend so much time on my phone that it would be very convenient to access it from there. I have tried a couple of android fidonet apps a couple of years back and for what I want they really didn’t work very well. Not well written, fonts too small, crash continuously, etc.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to get on and post more HA and BBS stuff than I have been the last two years. The site is coming up on 20 years old now so wow. Christmas I will have had this domain for two decades.

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